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222Wh Portable energy storage power supply

The K222Wh Portable Solar Generator can provide you with a very portable, sustainable green energy solution for activities such as wild camping, outdoor aerial photography, expedition and search and rescue.



K200 Portable Power Station offers the a durable and powerful portable power station that can charge your devices from a dual USB 5V and a Type C outlet. Featured with rechargeable lithium-ion batteries from not only a DC source but also from Solar Power. Reliable portable power for multiple recharge of mainstream electronics and small appliances, perfect for hiking, camping, and outdoor photography.

Features and Benefits

Power-to-go, in a compact, lightweight easy to carry design featuring multiple connections to charge your mainstream gear and more. Use it in indoors or take this K200 with you for outdoor recreation, backyard power, hiking, office use, recreational outings, camping, and much more.

• Portable and compact, only 2.4kg

• LED Light with 3 settings: Light, Blinking & SOS.

• Easy to carry and pack.

• Multi-ports to charge different gadgets simultaneously, each output port has a power on/off switch.

• Recharges three ways: AC wall outlet, 12V car outlet or via optional 60w solar panel.

• LED power indicator provides battery status.

• Built in inverter which adopts pure sine wave technology.


Multi-Functional Portable Power Supply K200 is a useful Power Pack for Outdoor Camping and Home Power market.

– Lithium Ion Battery 60000mAh 222Wh

– Modified Sine Wave Inverter 200W

– Charging: 3 Methods of AC Adapter+Car Charger+Solar Panel, can charge Indoor or Outdoor easily.

– DC12V Output: for DC Accessories like LED Light Bulb, DC Fan, DC TV, Car Pump Air Compressor. Car Cleaner, Car Fridge, Car Fan…

– USB5V Output: for Smart Phone Mobile Charging, Tablet Charging, USB Accessories

– AC110V/220V Output: for AC Home Appliances, like TV, Fan, Laptop…

– QC3.0 18W Output: Quick Charge your Electronic Devices

– Type C Outpout: Fast Charger for new Mobiles and Tablets, like Samsung, Iphone, Ipad, Huawei, Xiaomi, OPPO…

– LED Light Panel: 3 Methods of Lighting/Blinking/SOS, as a Reading Light or Warning or Emergency Rescue

– LED Display: Viable indicating to Monitor the Operation


– Outdoor Activities: Camping/Travelling/Fishing/Hungting/Hiking/Climbing/Adventure/Business/Party…

(For USA or Euro Market, this Portable Power Supply is a Useful AC Power Bank)

– Caravan/RV

(For USA or Euro or Australia Market, this Solar Power Station is a good Power Source)

– Emergency Backup Power when Black Out: for disaster as earthquake/hurriacne/fire…

(For USA or Japan Market, this Back Up Power Pack used for Emergency)

– Street Vendor/Night Market

(For SouthEast Asia or India Market, this Portable Power Supply to Drive LED Tube or Fan or TV)


(For Medical Market, this Power Station Supply Constant Power for people who has Breathing Problem)

– Drone/UAV

(For Outdoor Area, Lithium Battery Pack can used to Charge the Drone/UAV battery)

– Home Power: Remote Area/Island/Suburban/Village…

(For African or Island or Remote Area, This Solar Home System is used as Solar Power Generator for Lighting or Fan or TV or small Refrigerator as Energy Storage System)

Kweight Technology is a ISO9001 Certificated China Manufacturer for Lithium Battery Pack and Portable Power Generator Products.

Type of batteryLithium battery
Battery capacity222Wh/60000mAh/3.7V
Product Size210*139*123*180mm
Product weight2.4kg
RechargeAC adapter:DC15V/3A
Solar panel: MPPT, 14V~22V/3A (maximum)
Charging timeAdapter DC15V/3A, 7~8 hours
DC output4 x DC5521: 9~12.6V/10A (maximum 15A)
USB output2x USB-A:5V2.4A
1 x USB-A:QC3.0,512V/18W
1 x TYPE-C:QC3.0,512V/18W
AC outputRated power: modified sine wave 200W
The output voltage:100V/110V/120V/220V/230V/240V
Output frequency:50/60Hz
☆ Please refer to the label on the bottom of the product for the actual voltage and frequency, subject to the actual product
LED lighting3W LED floodlight
Work instructionsLED display
Operating temperature-10+40
Cycle life>500 times
Packaging accessories1 x host    1x AC adapter
1x car charger    1x DC to cigarette lighter socket
1x manual

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