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12v 24ah Deep Cycle Lead Acid Battery Vrla Sla Ups Agm Rechargeable Battery

12v 24ah Deep Cycle Lead Acid Battery Vrla Sla Ups Agm Rechargeable Battery

  • High Light

    12v deep cycle Lead Acid Battery


    24ah deep cycle Lead Acid Battery


    Vrla deep cycle agm battery

  • Features
    Maintenance-free Lead-acid Batteries
  • Warranty
  • Chargeable
  • Application
    Power Tools, Home Appliances, BOATS, Electric Power Systems, Solar Energy Storage Systems, Uninterruptible Power Supplies
  • Battery Size
  • Battery Type
    Deep Cycle: Sealed AGM
  • Weight
    7.2 Kg
  • Cycle Life
  • The Charging Ratio
  • The Discharge Rate
  • Color
  • Battery Case
    ABS Plastic Battery Box
  • Payment Mode
  • Battery Type
    Sealed Rechargeable Battery
  • Type
    Valve Regulated Lead Acid
  • Material
    High Pure Lead 99.9994%
  • Design Life
    5-8 Years
  • Keyword
    12v Lead Acid Rechargeable Battery
  • Electrolyte
    Dilute High Purity Sulphuric Acid
  • Port
  • Place of Origin
    Guangdong, China
  • Brand Name
  • Certification
    CE , ISO9001, RoHS
  • Model Number
  • Minimum Order Quantity
    1 Pieces
  • Packaging Details
    Good paper carton box carefully protected by a firm pallet<br>New colorful packing box is optional <br>Customer's choose for package method is acceptable
  • Delivery Time
    15 days
  • Payment Terms
    L/C, D/A, D/P, T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram
  • Supply Ability
    2000 Piece/Pieces per Day

12v 24ah Deep Cycle Lead Acid Battery Vrla Sla Ups Agm Rechargeable Battery

12v 24ah Vrla Deep Cycle Agm Lead Acid Battery Sla Battery Ups Batetry

KW series (normal series)

KW Series (general small series) products are 4V, 6V,12V monolithic AGM valve regulated sealed lead-acid battery and universal design for battery products. It has advantages including wide capacity range, multi-type, safety reliable seal, small internal impedance,low self-discharge, sealed and high efficient reaction, clean and environment protection,safe, clean, easy installation and so on.It is widely used in various fields of communication systems, power systems, uninterruptible power supply (UPS), solar systems,fire alarms and security systems.

• Nominal voltage: 4V, 6V,12V
• Rated Capacity: 1.2Ah ~ 24Ah
• Operating temperature range: -15 ~ 45 ℃
• The design life is 5 years
• Using special polybasicled base alloy grid with high corrosion resistance and charge acceptance
• Using new special process sheet formula to improve the utilization of active material
• Using high quality superfine glass fiberliquid-suction battery technology to exceed 99% gas recombination rate
• High-strength ABS plastic battery slot and cover with features of compact structure, corrosion resistant, impact resistance and anti-vibration and so on
• Small internal impedance, excellent performance when high current discharge
• Low self-discharge, wide operating temperature range
• Using multiple sealing technologies to ensure no leakage, no acid mist escaping to keep safe and reliable
• Using strict production process, unit voltage balance is strong
• Free maintenance, without adding water rehydration
• The battery has full charged before leaving the factory, and transportation is safe systems, fire alarms and security systems
• Standard:GB/T 19638.1.2,IEC 60896-21/22,YD/T 799-2010


- Telecommunications
- Cable Television
- Electric Utility
- Control Equipment
- Security System
- Medical Equipment
- Railroad Utility
- Photovoltaic System
- Alternative Energy System




- Matrix series batteries have acid in the case and are fully charged before leaving factory. Do not attempt to dismantle the battery, if accidental skin/eye contact is made with electrolyte, seek medical advice immediately.
- Do not use a new battery with an old one.
- Do not use the battery in sealed container.
- Each battery should have detailed record including the ex-factory date, installing date and using record.
- Check the connection of wire in a fixed interval (once a year). If there is any looseness should tighten the wire.
- Wipe the surface of the battery with soft cloth in a fixed interval (once three months) and always keep the battery clean.
- Avoid using any kind of organic solvents for cleaning the surface of the battery.

Kweight Technology Ltd

Kweight is a professional Valved Regulated Lead Acid battery manufacturer and trading company with more than 9 years experience in China. Our main products are VRLA batteries including AGM batteries, Gel batteris,Deep cycle batteries,Front terminal/access batteries, OPzV batteries, OPzS batteries, which were widely used in UPS system, Telecommunications system, Power Station, EPS, Solar and Wind energy storage systems



Company Culture

Vision: To become one of the leading global suppliers of power products.

Mission: Based on broad power industy,providing the safe and reliable power products and service for users to achieve win-win situation.

Value: Assured long-lasting quality,reliable long –existing service.

Solar Street Light Project

Battery Type:12V250AH
Project Details: Solar Street Light System in Chad: Kweight storage battery won the bidding about one city of Chad with 56W solar street light project in 2012. Kweight company supplied green, energy conservation, safety and stable power to solve the local street lighting problem.

Project Name: DuPont Solar Power Stationin Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

Type: 12V80AH gel battery
Project Description: ln February 2012,Kweight company and DuPont company built the solar power station in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia, Kweight company supply 12V80Ah gel batteries, and operating systems. This Station was designed and built for the majority users, who were in badly need of the power, such as the people of the Scattered farming area, no power supply protection of rural household, the field working unit wiht fast turnover, the fishing boat user in rivers, lake, sea and other no power or power shortage areas.

Our Services:

Pre-sale service
* Fast response within 24 hours.
* Online service.
* OEM manufacturing service for customers is ok.

After-sale service
* Offer 12 months warranty for AGM battery with capacity 1.3Ah~250Ah,Offer 24 months wattanty for others.
* During the warranty, if failed,send some pictures of failed battery for us and tell us the performance of failed one.
* If we confirmed the problem of battery causes the battery fail, we will send new battery(to replace) for you to replace.
* The new battery will be shipped together with your new order, or shipped alone



Nominal Voltage

Nominal Capacity 24Ah@20 hour rate F.V.(1.75V/cell)
Approx Weight 1.58Kg(1.28Ibs.)
Terminals T1(Faston Tab 187)
Internal Resistane ≤100mΩ(Fully Charged)
Max. Discharge Current 19.5A(5 sec)
Max. Charge Current 0.39A
Operating Temperature Range


Self Discharge  3% of capacity declined per month at 25℃



12v 24ah Deep Cycle Lead Acid Battery Vrla Sla Ups Agm Rechargeable Battery 0

12v 24ah Deep Cycle Lead Acid Battery Vrla Sla Ups Agm Rechargeable Battery 1
12v 24ah Deep Cycle Lead Acid Battery Vrla Sla Ups Agm Rechargeable Battery 2
12v 24ah Deep Cycle Lead Acid Battery Vrla Sla Ups Agm Rechargeable Battery 3


12v 24ah Deep Cycle Lead Acid Battery Vrla Sla Ups Agm Rechargeable Battery 4



Q1. Tell your product list?

A: VRLA battery: Sealed lead acid battery, AGM battery, Deep cycle battery, Gel battery, Solar battery, Front terminal battery, OPzS battery, OPzV battery;Lithium battery: LiFePO4 battery, Li-ion battery, UPS battery, Wall-mounted power bank, Potable power Station, household energy storage system, ESS etc.We can say I got all types you may need.

Q2. Can you give warranty of your products?

A: Yes, we extend a 100% satisfaction guarantee on all items. Please feel free to feedback immediately if you are not pleased with our quality or service.

Q3. How about the delivery time?

A: Within 10-30 days after we confirm you requirement.

Q4.What kind of payment does your company support?

A: T/T, L/C, Cash, Western Union are all accepted if you have other payment,please contact us.

Q5. What is your production capacity?

A. We can finish 40000 pcs batteries each month, because different mode battery with different production capacity, we can talk about it if it is necessary.

Q6. Which market do you already sell?

A.We already ship to Europe, Middle East, South America, Asia, Africa etc.

Q7. What kind of certificate you have ?
A. We have ISO9000, ISO14001,IEC60896,IEC61427,UN38.3,CE,CO, SONCAP, SASO.

Q8. What's your advantage?

A: Honest business with competitive price and professional service on export process.