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Opzv Tubular Gel Vrla Battery 1500ah 2v For Solar Panel Battery System

Opzv Tubular Gel Vrla Battery 1500ah 2v For Solar Panel Battery System

  • High Light

    Opzv tubular gel vrla battery


    1500ah tubular gel vrla battery


    2v tubular gel battery

  • Features
    Maintenance Sealed Rechargeable Battery
  • Design Life
    15-20 Year
  • Type
    Tubular GEL OPzV Battery
  • Plates
    Tubular Positive Plate
  • Keyword
    Long Life Battery
  • Color
    Warmly Welcomed
  • Material
    High Pure Lead 99.9994%
  • Cycle Life
    1500 Times 80% DOD
  • Separator
    Porous PVC Separator
  • Application
    Home Appliances, Electric Power Systems, Solar Energy Storage Systems, Uninterruptible Power Supplies
  • Warranty
  • Battery Size
  • Weight
  • Port
  • Place of Origin
    Guangdong, China
  • Brand Name
  • Certification
  • Model Number
  • Minimum Order Quantity
    12 pieces
  • Packaging Details
    Paper carton plus pallet
  • Delivery Time
    15 days
  • Payment Terms
    L/C, D/A, D/P, T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram
  • Supply Ability
    100000 Piece/Pieces per Month

Opzv Tubular Gel Vrla Battery 1500ah 2v For Solar Panel Battery System

Kweight 2v 1500ah 1000ah Opzv Lead Acid Battery

Product Description

Opzv Series ( Tubular Gel Series )

Kweight Opzv Series Valve Regulated Lead Acid batteries are designed with a proven combination of GEL and Tubular technologies to offer a very high lever of reliability. Opzv batteries benefit from an optimized plate design which gives capacities in excess of the DIN standard values. In addition, this series offers both a longest float life and a high cycle life in widely industrial field.




1. Absorbent glass mat (AGM).

2. It’s designed to operate for up to 10 years at 20°C on the basis of accelerated tests

3. If depth of discharge is 30%, cycle service life can reach maximum at about 2300 times.

4. Its warranty is 1 year for proper use.

5. Battery case is making of fire proofs material therefore the case is very strong.

6. Its using insert terminal. And it is not only beautiful but also easily distinguished and installed.

7. Maintenance free As it is valve-regulated sealed.

8. High power -to-weight ratio –SLA batteries can provide much power in comparison to its weight

9. No Memory Effect.

10. Low self discharge –Using high purity raw materials ensures batteries have less self-discharge.

11. Longer service life design –utilized thick and massive calcium grate ensure that SLA battery has a longer service life.

12. Advanced Discharging Ability.


Material Struction

(1) Positive plate and negative plate
Special polybasic lead-calcium alloy formula to reduce the corrosion of grid, extend service life.
Analysis of pure dilute sulphuric acid electrolyte, low self-discharge.
(3)ABS shell
High strength ABS shell will not be damaged under normal collision and overcharge.
(4)Partition Plate
High quality superfine glass fiber liquid-suction battery technology to exceed 99% gas recombination rate.
(5)Copper terminal
Low resistance copper pole to ensure safe discharge of high current without heat.



1. Telecommunication system

2. Electric power system

3. Solar, wind turbine system

4. National defense batteries

5. Petrochemical industry system

6. Network data room

7. UPS system

8. Emergency light system

9. Railway, traffic power supply system



Payment and delivery


2) 30% T/T in advance as deposit, 70% before shipment.

3) Main for Ocean shipment

4) Lead time is about 25 days



"Kweight" brand storage battery has been used in "2010 Singapore Youth Olympic Games". The quality of Kweight battery has been recognized by the TOG, and certified "the best battery supplier of power products". Now, there are more than 75% of large and small size VRLA battery exported to Europe, North American, Southeast Asia, Middle East and other countries and areas.


2011 solar street light project in one city of Iran

Battery Type: Kweight gel deep cycle battery 12V200AH; Kweight ordinary AGM battery 12V33AH
Project Details: Iran has abundant solar energy resources, Kweight brand battery can give full play to the advantages of the local sunny, turn light energy efficiently and stored perfectly. The performance indicators of Kweight battery are excellent, energy saving effect is remarkable, won the customer's highly praise. Our company will continuously improve on product technology and details, to provide a more refined and better solar solutions. As overseas friendly partner we are glad to help Iran local landscaping, resource conservation and energy diversification.



Solar Street Light Project in Chad

Battery Type:12V250AH
Project Details: Solar Street Light System in Chad: Kweight storage battery won the bidding about one city of Chad with 56W solar street light project in 2012. Kweight company supplied green, energy conservation, safety and stable power to solve the local street lighting problem.



Our Services

Why choose us ?

1.We have over ten year experience of doing sealed lead acid battery,so we are professional.

2.Our battery have been used in 2010 singpore youth olympic games for their reliable quality.

3. Changing on the material:color,shape acceptable, so customer's need can be meet.

4.Third party inspection:acceptable;

5. Various batteries for different usage are optional.

6. Easy to install.

7.Full and careful check after every individual process finished;

8.Spots check after production before shipping.

9.Mature and timely after sale service.

10.So many successful case example for your reference.




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Opzv Tubular Gel Vrla Battery 1500ah 2v For Solar Panel Battery System 1

Opzv Tubular Gel Vrla Battery 1500ah 2v For Solar Panel Battery System 2




Opzv Tubular Gel Vrla Battery 1500ah 2v For Solar Panel Battery System 3



Case example

Opzv Tubular Gel Vrla Battery 1500ah 2v For Solar Panel Battery System 4



Opzv Tubular Gel Vrla Battery 1500ah 2v For Solar Panel Battery System 5



Q1: what kinds of battery do you have?

A1 : based on the application, main products include battery forsolar power system, ups,car ,

        toys, e-bike, telecom, medical equipment , wind power , emergency light and call ,

        LED light,etc. if based on the technology,  we have AGM, GEL ,Deep cycle ,deep cycle

        gel , opzv and opzs series


Q2: Do you have your own factory?

A2: Yes


Q3: What certifications does your company have?

A3: Our company had passed the CE&RoHS, ISO19001&ISO14001 certifications.


Q4: Would your factory like to accept customers logo?

A4: Yes! We can produce the battery with OEM.


Q5: What is your best price of your battery? 

A5: The battery price we offer you depends on quantity and the cost price